Professional Mixed Doubles is rarely put on a chart during professional tier one events in racquetball. Last year, the LPRT had a pro doubles stop in Denver that included pro mixed doubles. This year, that event didn't happen. Yet, when the LPRT agreed to join in on a new event with the IRT tour in New York, Mixed Doubles jumped onto a bracket, along with both tour's pro singles draws.

The excitement generated in Syosset lasted all weekend due to the many unique match-ups. There was a ton of international representation participating throughout the draws. Some of the teams slated together in the Mixed Pro division were made up of the top ranking players for both professional tours, and it all made for some serious battles on the courts. For instance, 3 out of the 4 semifinals in the Mixed Pro division went to tie-breakers.

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On the LPRT Professional Singles side, world #1 Paola Longoria secured her 97th professional tour title by capturing the Syosset Open title. It was a tough weekend for Longoria, having to play through three tie-breakers, one being her Pro Mixed Doubles quarterfinal match. Her other two tie-breakers were in her Pro Singles semi-final and final, taking the wins from Rhonda Rajsich and Samantha Salas respectively.

The Syosset Open not only featured great matches in Singles and Mixed doubles, there was also great food and a great Pro Am on Thursday. 

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