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Longoria Launches Her Website Right before The Paola Longoria Grand Slam

The first event of the season for the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour is the Paola Longoria. Longoria put a ton of effort into her namesake Grand Slam and reached out to fans with a video blitz a couple of days before hand to communicate her thoughts and invite everyone to her website, PaolaLongoria.com 

Longoria's website will feature information about Paola's career, her media work and her personal interests. It's also a place you will be able to view the Paola Longoria Experience grand slam event.

Take some time to check it out. Get to know Paola.

Paola also took some time to share thoughts about the event with her longtime coach Fran Davis, that was posted on the HEAD Penn Racquetball Facebook page.


Fran flew down to San Luis Potosi early to help Paola with her training for the event.

Take some time to check it out. 

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