The world's best players flew into Chicago for the Glass Court Turkey Shoot

in Lombard, Illinois, competing there for the first time in LPRT history.

We were thrilled to be invited to the Glass Court Swim & Fitness Club in Lombard, Illinois to take part in the 2018 Glass Court Turkey Shoot. The draws didn't disappoint. The level of play only keeps getting higher with the tour building more interest from talented players from South America and the US.

 The Finalists

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Paola Longoria (Mexico), World #1, captured her record setting 93rd professional title at the LPRT's 4th stop of the year. Longoria has now won every event so far this 2018-19 season. She also won her 4th Doubles title, making that an incredible 36 doubles titles in the last 4 seasons. She is continuing her record run while facing increasingly tougher matches. 

• Any use of photos INCLUDING use with photo-crediting, IS PROHIBITED without expressed written consent.

• Cualquier uso de estas fotografías está estrictamente prohibido, al menos que exista un consentimiento escrito por parte del autor.

This time last year, Samantha Salas (Mexico) was rehabbing after shoulder surgery. She rejoined the LPRT during the second half of the 2017-18 season. She immediately returned as a force on tour, even taking a very rare tour stop victory from Paola Longoria. Samantha continues to improve as she continues to battle through very tough draws and is managing to solidify her spot at #2 in the rankings. 

Paola Longoria and Samantha Salas have met in numerous finals throughout their careers. the Glass Court Turkey Shoot being their 4th finals match so far this season. Incredibly, this was the 11th time these two players have met in a pro final.

Samantha has made 14 finals in her career and has 3 professional titles wins. Samantha has met Longoria 49 times on tour.


• Maria Jose Vargas (Argentina) has been moving up the rankings all season. Her performance in Lombard moves her up the rankings one spot to #5. Vargas was sitting in the #2 spot before leaving to start a family two seasons ago. She returned to the tour full time during the second half of last season. Maria met Paola Longoria in the her semifinal.

• Alexandra Herrera (Mexico) is a regular in the semifinals. She is quietly performing at a high level of play and her consistency continues to pay off. Her semifinal match with Samantha Salas represented a true top of the rankings battle. Herrera is currently #4 on the LPRT.


• Adriana Riveros (Colombia): This is her first quarterfinal or better finish of the 2018/19 season. Riveros is currently ranked #12 on the LPRT. 

• Rhonda Rajsich (USA): Rhonda has 3 quarterfinal or better finishes this season. Currently ranked #7 and is the only player from the US that is in the top 10.

• Natalia Mendez (Argentina): So far, Natalia has 3 quarterfinal finishes or better for the 2018/19 season. She is currently ranked #8 on the tour.

• Cristina Amaya (Colombia): Currently ranked #8 on the LPRT, this was Cristina's first quarterfinal or better finish this season.


There has been a spark of interest in LPRT over the past few seasons, with young, talented players setting their sights on hitting the tour regularly. In Lombard, we had a few new interesting showings.

Valeria Centellas (photo: left) and Stefanny Barrios are promising players from Bolivia who made the trip to Chicago to make this event. Brenda Laime is also another young player from Boliva, though Brenda has been more of a regular on tour.

Another notable show in the draw was Lexi York (photo: right), a very well decorated collegiate player from the US. Lexi is considering a serious and dedicated run on the LPRT.

 LPRT Doubles

Finalists, left to right: Carla Munoz (Chile), Alexandra Herrera, Paola Longoria, Samantha Salas

• Paola Longoria and Samantha Salas teamed up to win the Glass Court Turkey Shoot LPRT Doubles title. Together, they've won 4 Doubles titles this season and a mind blowing 25 LPRT Doubles titles over the last 4 years.

• Alexandra Herrera teamed up with #10 ranked Carla Munoz and together proved to be the true two seed in the draw. 

Semifinalists, left to right: Maria Jose Vargas and Natalia Mendez (Argentina), Rhonda Rajsich and Sheryl Lotts (USA)

• Maria Jose Vargas and  Natalia Mendez are teammates from Argentina and proved to be a true #3 seed in the draw. They met Herrera and Munoz in their semifinal.

• Rhonda Rajsich, and Sheryl Lotts, individually ranked #7 and #14 respectively on tour, worked their way to a semifinal finish from a five seed on the chart.

Re-dedicated Talent

Michelle De La Rosa and Danielle Maddux have been seriously considering returning to professional competition as a team.  Formerly known as the Key Sisters, their desire for competing at the top level led them to Chicago. Look to see more from them this season. 

Michelle De La Rosa and  Danielle Maddux

 Sponsors And Fun

We are sincerely grateful for all the sponsors and everyone who worked to make our time in Lombard, Illinois possible. It was a privilege to compete on these legendary courts and spend time with great people.



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Fun and competition was had by all who participated in the Glass Court Turkey Shoot ProAm! Thank you to Spencer O’Dea, Sue Mueller, Cheryl Kirk, Platt Hill, Dave Singer, Michael O’Dea, Rick Seaberg, Liz Molitor for connecting with our LPRT players! Congrats to Rick and Paola for taking 1st Place and Platt and Samantha for their 2nd Place showing! Well done!

Left to Right – Cheryl Kirk, Dan Jaskier, Joe DeArmas, Keith Minor, Geoff Peters, Doug Halvorsen


• Glass Court Swim & Fitness

• KWM Gutterman Inc.

• Susan B. Klimatis Foundation

• PIP Insurance

• Platt Hill Nursery

• PapaNicholas Coffee

• Women's Senior/Masters

 Racquetball Assoc.

• Chicago Spectro Service

 Laboratory, Inc.

• Professional Insurance Producers

• Eduardo's Pizza

• Taco Burrito King

• Little Debbie

• Response Graphics

• Rick Seaberg

• Dr. Alok Mehta

• Cheryl Kirk & Kit Lawson

• Geoff & Deb Peters

• Ellen Somberg, PsyD

• Anthony's Pizza

 Kids Clinic

Saturday mornings were made for kids! This truly is a special time for our players.

Thank you Racquetball Warehouse for providing the items used for our kids clinic.

The Glass Court Turkey Shoot was a truly unique event for us.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone involved with this event.


 Event Photos

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