Nine years in and 3 WallBall still presents an Outdoor Racquetball showcase.

Held every September at the Stratosphere Hotel at the end of the Las Vegas Strip, 3 WallBall is largest outdoor racquetball event of the year. It is a "must-do" event for any serious racquetball player. This was the events 9th year and the LPRT has been proud to be a part of this unique event.

Janel Tisinger proved once again she is the most dominant outdoor player today, taking her 6th 3 WallBall Women's Pro Singles Championship.

Janel has now won 6 of the 9 division titles handed out at this Las Vegas event.

This year saw a new Pro Women's Doubles combination take the 3 WallBall Championship. Rhonda Rajsich who is a former 3WB Singles Champion teamed up with Florida's Michbo Herbert. Interesting note: Michbo is also this year's Beach Bash Pro Women's Doubles Champion.

Photos: The LPRT at the 2018 3WallBall Championship

Janel Tisinger, Rhonda Rajsich, Michbo Herbert, Jacqueline Paraiso, Carla Munoz,

Michelle De La Rosa, Maria Jose Vargas, Natalia Mendez, 


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