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LPRT Top Ten statistical summary for 2017 using rankings as of the end of 2017.


Pro Racquetball Stats is an online historical reference site and match database for professional and major amateur tours. Todd Boss is the creator and maintainer of the site. He is a long-time racquetball pro and Database Consultant in the Washington DC area.  Click here for more info.



• Won her 8th pro tour title, surpassing Michelle Gould for the most in ladies pro tour history - won her 8th US Open title, double the next closest competitor (Rajsich)

• She finished the 2016-17 season 42-1, with her only loss in the semis of the season's final tournament to her long-time doubles partner Samantha Solis.

• She's lost just three times on the LPRT in the last 7 seasons combined.

• Longoria is now 21-0 this season and 391 - 29 for her career, a .931 winning percentage. She still trails the legendary Michelle (Gilman) Gould on the career W/L percentage table, though it is noted that Gould's career is somewhat incomplete in the database right now.

• So far in 2017, she's 5 for 5; five events entered, five tournaments won. Heading into 2018 she's on a 21-match winning streak and she's dropped just 3 games on the season. These 5 pro tournaments push her total win on tour to 80, nearly double the next closest competitor in the database (Lynn Adams).

• Perhaps the scariest thing about Longoria is the fact that she's just 28; it isn't inconceivable to see her maintain this level of dominance on tour for another decade.



• Rhonda Rajsich has risen to #2 at the mid-way point of the 2017-18 season after finishing last season #6. She missed a number of events last year following the passing of her father, but has returned with a vengeance and had made four semi finals out of the first five tournaments this year. Despite just turning 39, she is in great position to return to a top 4 ranking.


• She had a streak of 16 straight seasons being ranked in the top four (including four #1s and six #2s), broken last year but she's in good position to return to the top four for the season.

• Fun fact: Rajsich's 15 career victories over Paola Longoria represent more than half of Longoria's losses in her entire pro career. And Rajsich beat Longoria as recently as mid-2017, beating her for the Pan Am Championships in Costa Rica, so there's still competition at the top for Paola.


• Rhonda is now 10-5 on the season, and she sits 8th in career W/L percentage, with a career 424-146 record. She's sitting 2nd in career appearances and should overtake Cheryl Gudinas for most career appearances on tour by season's end.


• Rhonda's career 424 wins is easily the best in the known history of the tour.



• Jessica Parrilla sits 3rd at the midway point of the season, but has the 2nd most points for the season thus far.


• She made her first career final in the season's opening event (where she was seeded 2nd), and has made three other semi-finals this year.


• She was a pretty consistent semi-finalist last season (8 semis in 12 events), and has picked up right where she left off. She is now 11-5 for the season, greatly improving upon her career 63-50 W/L percentage.


• For her career, Parrilla currently sits just behind under-rated 1990s star Robin Levine and just ahead of pioneer Jennifer Harding at 29th on the all-time W/L percentage.



• Frederique Lambert missed the first two events of the season due to school commitments, but then promptly made the finals of the next three. She lost to #1 Longoria in the final in each case ... but also had a number of statement wins over her closest competitors for the #2 spot on tour (to which she ascended to finish off the 2016-17 season).


• Lambert joined an exclusive club in the 2016-17 season; she became the 28th (known) Pro tour winner in the history of the tour. She continues to look for pro win #2.


• She's now made the final in 9 of the last 13 pro tournaments she's entered. She's 10-3 in the new season, with all 3 losses coming in finals to Longoria.


• Frederique now has a career 102-60 record.


• Shas improved upon her career winning percentage each of the last three seasons Lambert's career .630 winning percentage ranks her 15th all-time, just behind Kerri Wachtel and just ahead of the legendary Vicki Panzeri.



• Alexandra Herrera made the final of the season's second event by virtue of an epic win over Jessica Parrilla (13-11 in the 5th). It was just her third career pro final, and she's still looking to break through with a pro victory.


• Despite this finals appearance, she has fallen to the #5 spot; which mean's she's been matched up with Rhonda Rajsich three tournaments in a row and has come up short each time.


• Herrera finished last season at #5 and is on track to match her career-high rank again this year. She's 8-5 on the season.


• Alexandra is now 46-42 for her career, tied for 36th in tour history (just ahead of Tammy (Brown) Brockbank and just behind Canadian Lori-Jane Powell).



• Samantha Solis has yet to play an event this season but remains ranked #6 and is nearly ready to come back from her shoulder injury. She's going to have to hustle in the new year to maintain her top 10 ranking.


• She working on a streak of 5 straight seasons inside the top 5.


• For her career, she's 150-82, which has her ranked 13th in tour history, just behind 1980s star and former tour champ Caryn McKinney and just ahead of former US Open champ Kerri (Stoffregen) Wachtel.


• Solis is the last person to put a loss on Longoria, winning an epic semi final in the final 2016-17 event this past June in Chihuahua.



• Natalia Mendez has exploded onto the Pro racquetball scene, making her debut at the beginning of the 2016 season. Two pro seasons in Natalia is ranked 7th.


• She posted a career best semi-final showing at the 2017 US Open with a career-best win over Parrilla.


• She's also stretched Lambert to 5 games in each of their last two meetings, so odds are Mendez is in line for a breakthrough to the Finals this season.


• Mendez "graduated" from the junior ranks in November 2015 by winning 18U Junior worlds, so she's no stranger to high level competition. Now, before her 21st birthday she's already making waves on the pro tour.



• Cristina Amaya made her second career final in March, but has yet to break through even to the semis in the new year. She's fallen at the Quarterfinal stage in four of the five tournaments so far, and might need some bigger wins to improve upon her #7 finish last season.


• She had huge wins at the 2017 Bolivarian games, beating several LPRT veterans en route to the title.


• She's 5-5 on the season after going 12-11 last season.



• Adriana Riveros broke through and finished #10 last season ... and is holding steady so far in 2017-18. She's yet to match her career best semi-finals appearance so far this season, but she's showed some promise.


• She took a game off of Longoria (a rare feat) this season, and several tough 5-game losses to higher ranked opponents. So there's some room for improvement for sure.



• Carla Munoz had a breakthrough 2016-17 season, making three semi-finals with good wins over Rhonda Rajsich and Jessica Parrilla. So far though in 2017-18, she's not been able to match this feat, and is in danger of falling out of the top 10 (she finished 8th last season). She's 4-5 on the season so far.

Thanks to Pro Racquetball Stats for the great work keeping the sport of racquetball's statistical and historical data.  

Click here for more info.

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