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Longoria scores title number 86 while the rankings show volatility as more players are setting goals on tour.

This year's Boston Open set a trend upward as the new location at the Latitude Sports Club proved to be a great venue. Setting the tone for the LPRT pros and spectators alike, the action was fun, the people were real and the hospitality high-level. We are definitely looking forward to the Boston Open getting bigger and grander next year.

Paola Longoria continued her dominating run as she grabbed her 86th professional title with her Pro Singles tour stop win. She's won every Singles title so far this year and grabbed her third Pro Doubles title the season with three different partners.

Longoria met Frederique Lambert in the Singles final though Lambert had to end her play early due to an injury sustained in her semifinal. She may have had to DNF, but she managed to solidly maintain her #2 rank on tour. Alexandra Herrera partnered with Paola in Boston which helped her take her second Doubles title of the season. With their win, Herrera bumped up to #2 in the LPRT Pro Doubles Rankings.

Longoria's dominance doesn't come easy. She manages to maintain advantage over the rest of the field by playing at a high level with consistency. She's continues to be tested on the court and has been managing to direct the outcomes to her favor. Consistency is the imperative for Paola. Her dedication to it and self-discipline is the key to her current standing in the sport.

Rhonda Rajsich and Jessica Parrilla both made the Semifinal round in Boston. For Rajsich, the Semifinal proved to be her limit, sustaining a leg injury that severely limiting her mobility in the Final, preventing her from scoring any points. Even so, her showing bumped her up to #4 in the rankings. #3 ranked Jessica Parrilla pushed Lambert in their semifinal meeting, keeping Jessica in the hunt for Lambert's #2 spot.

Quarter Final Mentions

• Carla Munoz (Chile) continues to push her way back into the Top 8, having started off the season in that group. Her result puts her at #9 in the LPRT Rankings.

• Alexandra Herrera (Mexico) has been a mainstay within the Top 8 for some time. Though she had a good showing in Boston, her loss to Rajsich sees her sliding down to #5 in the rankings

• #6 ranked Cristina Amaya (Colombia) managed to hold steady in the rankings with a solid run to the quarters.

• Maria Paz Munoz (Equador) proved she is going to be a contender with her showing in Boston. Munoz underwent hip surgery and rehab and is now back to playing full-time on the LPRT. With two semifinal appearances in Boston, Singles and Doubles, Maria Paz is sending a message that she has plans to make her mark on tour.


The level of play throughout the draws has been increasing on the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour, due to an increase in talented international players setting their goals for success on the tour. The result is a continuous flow of the best professionals the hemisphere has to offer filling the early rounds at more of our events.


View The Boston Open Pro Singles Draw

View The Boston Open Pro Doubles Draw

The 2017 Boston Open now is two year's deep and is poised to be an event that just grows. The venue and the environment provided by Latitude Sports Club, provided a beautiful location to allow for the professionals of the LPRT to get down to competition and engage with those who where there for racquetball action. 

The Pro Am on the first day was a really fun one. Everyone was left smiling and ready for their division draws.


Dave Barnes with Rhonda, Kevin Asher with Alexandra, Jim Lucci with Nancy,

Milene Marques with Natalia, Matt Currier with Cristina and Erik Sweetser with Jessica.

The Boston Open is inspired by Stewart Solomon, of Solomon Racquet and Sports. After his inaugural event in 2016, Stewart relocated the tour stop and has laid a ground work to make Boston a premier location for racquetball to build events. 

He's a huge believer in the LPRT and created an event that allowed the players to put on a great show and engage with the sport's enthusiasts.

The Boston Open matches where being streamed and archived via LPRT Live, Facebook, Livestream and Youtube. 

LPRT President TJ Baumbaugh sees The Boston Open as an open and foundational event for growth on the tour, in line with the influx of talent filling the draws this season.

Swipe through some photos of the professional women of the LPRT in Boston.

The women were also having fun with the idea of Halloween on the courts.

All in all, The Boston Open was dressed up for a great event.


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